“As long as the earth endures, seed time and harvest... will never cease.” -Genesis 8:22

Salem Evangelical Church believes that missions is vital to the life of the church. We believe the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) should be lived out in each and every Christian's life as we are all missionaries, whether in Judea (our neighborhoods), Samaria (neighboring cities, states and countries), or at the ends of the earth. Missions at SEC operate under a Missions Committee and Missions Director.

We believe that missionaries are to be supported in their efforts to share the Gospel. Support comes in many forms: financial, prayers, visits, communication, and organizational support. Salem Evangelical currently supports missionaries listed on our Missionaries & Agencies page. Please contact our church office if you would like to send these missionaries a monetary gift or a word of encouragement. May God bless you as you participate in world evangelism with Salem Evangelical.

Desired outcomes of our Missions Program:

  • To support indigenous churches on fields which are exhibiting exceptional openness.
  • To financially support missionaries serving in the fields where God has placed them.
  • To challenge, train, and send out members of our church as career missionaries or short-term participants.
  • To uphold the ministry of world evangelism in consistent and fervent prayer.


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main Stanfield

South America:

main Weinert

main Warren 2

main Elliot

main Cantrall

Central America / Caribbean:

main Wells

main Kleman

main Chicas

North America:

main Trent

main Hoch

main Graff

main Strunk

main Koch

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main Pynch

Other Supported Agencies:

Child Evangelism Fellowship, Reid Saunders Association, Salem Young Life / Keizer Young Life, Salem Leadership Foundation, Simonka Place Women and Children's Center, Stitches Youth Center, Union Gospel Mission