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I find that it is difficult for people to stay on track with their relationship with God. One of the primary ways to make sure that we are really pursuing Him is to be in His Word on a consistent basis. Even then many people don't know where to start or they feel like they can't keep up with most of the Bible reading plans out there. I have provided a link below for a "Two Year Bible Reading Plan". This is just a tool. As with other tools, it only works when you use it. The emphasis with this Bible Reading plan is not to see how many chapters you can read in a day, but rather to see how much time you can spend in God's presence. My suggestion is this, read slowly through the daily select passages of scripture in order to fill your mind with God's Word. Remember, this is not a race. It is all about spending time in the presence of God. He is the One Who transforms us into who He wants us to be! I want to challenge you to spend 30 minutes in the selected passage of scripture.

God promises that when we meditate on His Word and obey it that we "will prosper and succeed in whatever" we do. (Joshua 1:8)

A Word for the Parent's:

I am excited for what God is doing in our student's lives as we pursue after Him together! If there is anything that I can do to encourage you as the parent's; I want to encourage to go after God with all that you are! As your students see you pursue knowing Christ, you can't help but influence them in a positive way! Randy Alcorn says in Managing God's Money regarding our kid's that, "we [as parents] are their tutors, every hour of every day." What we do makes a huge impact on our kids' life! Albert Schweitzer put it this way: "There are only three ways to teach a child. The first is by example; the second is by example; the third is by example." What example are you giving your kid's?

In the last teaching time I had with our Senior's, we were going over Genesis 6:5-9. We discussed what it must have looked like back in the times of Noah with "man's wickedness" being "widespread on the earth and that every scheme his mind thought of was nothing but evil all the time". We were a little surprised to see how closely our assumptions of the times of Noah are to our society today. My encouragement for our Senior's was to be known for what the end of verse 9 says about Noah; "Noah walked with God". We then discussed what it looks like to really walk with God and how spiritual disciplines fit into that. We ended our time by individually thinking about the next couple years of our life and considering what they might look like. No, we can't tell the future. But! We can affect the future by the decisions and actions we take to "walk with God"! So go ahead, start making some decisions today to "walk with God". It will not only change your life in a positive way but will influence your kids for the rest of their lives!

If you would like to discuss what spiritual disciplines could help your walk with God or would like to talk about other spiritual matters; don't hesitate to contact me at the office or my mobile phone (541-619-3928) or

IN Pursuit of Christ, Pastor Randy Dewater

Activities Information:

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The reason why we do activities is for the purpose of creating an environment conducive to making relationships with High School students in effort to lead them in a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ!


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