In the church… there are immediate opportunities for you to share your time and talent here at Salem Evangelical Church. We currently have need for:

1)    Mid High female small group leaders during 1st service – Contact Daniel Lee

2)    Women to help once a month at Girls Night Out (refreshments, decorations, and activities) – contact Rebecca Alburn or 503-365-0589

3)    Acorn Acres Preschool volunteers - Contact Joyce Wilhelm or Lonelle Anderson

a)     4s/Pre-K/Kinders:  2 or 3 adult helpers Sunday nights

b)    Greeter before 2nd service (10:30-11:000) on Sundays

c)     Wednesday nights: 1 helper in 2s; 1 adult in 4s/Pre-Ks

d)    Other volunteers needed to clean-up, sanitize toys & restock classrooms during week.

4)    Light Board Operator needed - Contact Tom Harris or the church office.

In the community… for those who would like to share themselves outside the church, we have many areas of opportunity. Contact the church for specifics.