Spring Term April 2-May 28, 2014

Adults meet in the lobby outside the East Sanctuary for refreshments @ 6:45pm

Classes start at 7:00pm (unless otherwise noted)


Abraham and His Kin – David Pett

(Waiting for description)


Bondage to Holiness – Rhonda Stovin-Struth

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Book of Daniel – Ken Whitler

Authenticated as a prophet by Jesus (Matthew 24:15), we will also explore a history of Servitude of the nation and the Desolation of Jerusalem and the prophesy given to Israel showing them the exact day the Messiah would be revealed (and when it came to pass).


God of Grace-God of Creation, not Evolution – Brian Humphreys

A DVD class: This class will explain the grace of God and the heart of the Gospel in five messages from Romans; the recent Ken Ham-Bill Nye Creation/Evolution debate in three sessions and concludes with God’s marvelous creatures that support creation, not evolution.


Gospel Grit: Luke – Randy Butler

We are going to study passages in Luke with questions that will help us better follow Jesus Christ. Be prepared to shed things you have been carrying in your backpack. “I look forward to hiking together with you!” ~Randy


I Saw the Sign – Chris Ray

This class will study from the Gospel of John the seven signs that prove the identity of Jesus as the Messiah.


Romans – John Sills

In this general introduction to Romans, we will note the basic biblical theology of atonement and salvation. One will also develop a better understanding of the biblical dynamic of Spirit-filled Christian living.


Understanding and Engaging the Cults and Other Religions – Jim Neifert

Do you know what other cults and religions believe? Do you know what you believe and can you articulate it to others? This fast pace course will explore the history, background and beliefs of the major world religions and cults. Participants will be given the tools to engage in a positive conversation with people of other religions and cults in a way that opens them to the Gospel and be able to answer questions.